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We've been working with Ant to develop partnerships and seek out performance and funding opportunities. Ant benefits from our experience with supporting neurodivergent artists and working to forge the right creative pace for him to flourish. 


We are very pleased to announce a new collaboration with Living Record Productions on their inaugural Living Record Festival of digital arts in January 2021.

We will be working closely with them on partnerships, professional development events and some artistic events of our own - so do watch this space for more!


As a result of our partnership Ant's digital work AM I A TERRIBLE PERSON featured as part of the Living Record Festival, gaining five star reviews and interest from venues across the UK. 

Working with Spun Glass Theatre has been invaluable to my progression in the arts sector. Especially being neurodivergent, the industry can be extremely difficult to navigate; Jess and the team at Spun Glass have offered me the time and support I needed to feel confident enough to take my first steps into the professional realm. Working with Spun Glass Theatre has provided me with countless new opportunities, avenues, and connections all while ensuring I am feeling safe, supported, comfortable with my mental wellbeing always being the priority. Spun Glass Theatre are about finding the right connections and the right path for you; I can safely say I wouldn't be where I am now without them.

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