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Imaginative Ballet

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Hosted by Chloe Edwards-Wood from Pitter Patter Arts

Join Chloe Edwards-Wood from Pitter Patter Arts for a fun, interactive introduction to Ballet! These sessions are perfect for ages 2 - 4 years and their parents/carers.

A combination of imaginative dances with basic technical exercises. The classes are designed to engage young children whilst developing their coordination and musicality. The use of props makes for a magical session!

Pitter Patter sessions combine simple exercises and activities with storytelling and props to foster the early development of coordination and musicality. These magical sessions are an engaging adventure for children and adults alike!



times & tickets

Weds 27th March
10:20am - 10:50am

Weds 3rd April
10:20am - 10:50am

Weds 6th March
10:20am - 10:50am

Weds 13th March
10:20am - 10:50am

Weds 20th March
10:20am - 10:50am

Weds 24th Jan
10:20am - 10:50am

Weds 31st Jan
10:20am - 10:50am

Weds 7th Feb
10:20am - 10:50am

Weds 21st Feb
10:20am - 10:50am

Weds 28th Feb
10:20am - 10:50am

venue amenities

plenty of parking nearby

contact us to discuss access needs

toilet & babychange

space for buggies


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