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Playscape: How to Build A Galaxy Workshops

event details

Workshops by Katie Dale-Everett Dance.


Preschool workshop for ages 3-6

Follow Gabby and Ed's space exploration adventure as they discover and learn about the universe. We'll build space junk, dance on the moon, and create new moves.

£5 per child

Motion capture suit workshop for ages 7-11

Do you ever dream of wearing a motion capture suit? This is your chance! In pairs, team up to explore different space-inspired landscapes and create your own universe. Motion capture suits will be worn by the performers.

£7 per child | Must BOOK AS A PAIR

Not able to book as a pair? Let us know and we can talk to you about matching you up with another participant! This workshop was made so that people could get to know each other, in particular young people who struggle with communication. 

This workshop can be adapted for participants with SEN. Workshop leader Katie has SEN facilitation experience, and the workshop can also be suitable with just parts of the suits being worn if needed. 


times & tickets

Sunday, 19 November
10am | Ages 3 - 6

Sunday, 19 November
11.30pm | Ages 7 - 11

Sunday, 19 November
| Ages 7 - 11

Sunday, 19 November
| Ages 7 - 11

Sunday, 19 November
| Ages 7 - 11

Sunday, 19 November
 | Ages 7 - 11

Sunday, 19 November
| Ages 7 - 11

Sunday, 19 November
| Ages 7 - 11

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plenty of parking nearby

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space for buggies


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