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Spun Glass has helped me to build and understand theatre projects much more thoroughly and successfully. The Company has ignited my passion for producing and improved my understanding of the Arts Council and general funding structures. It has played a pivotal role on shaping various projects that I'm working on, both creatively and from a business POV. They are great at offering extra support or pointing you in the right direction and offer a place for accountability in terms of meeting goals and pushing actions forward. Jessica (AD) is incredibly passionate, honest and supportive and great at managing her time / understanding different situations in a calm and measured way. I hope to work with them for many years to come!'

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​We are producing 'Sea Devil' a folk musical with Lizzie, as well as mentoring her through her first steps into producing. As part of this mentoring Lizzie has been leading on the promotion of our Local Creatives database for venues to discover artists close to them (as a direct response to the Coronavirus pandemic).


Lizzie is also Assistant Producer/Deviser on our new Early Years project First. 

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