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Brighton Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe
May 2016 

Mission accepted. 
Plot: greatest love story ever. 
Gadgets: flowers, chocolates and a balaclava. 


An anti-romcom for the disenchanted, satirising the dreams Richard Curtis sells us. Poignant and imaginative storytelling set in a make-believe landscape of tall buildings and lonely people. The character has many twists and turns of optimism and defeat, but the writing keeps you bobbing alongside her, desperate for everything to work out alright in the end. 


​Performed by Marie Rabe
Directed by Jessica Cheetham

Lighting design Michael Corcoran

Operation Love Story

Operation Love Story Actor
Operation Love Story Actor

Well-written and beautifully executed.“ 

– Fringe Guru

Operation Love Story uses humour and warmth to take the audience on an imaginative journey through one women’s tale of loneliness and match making – it’s an anti-rom-com. We use very little onstage to tell the story, it all comes to life through Marie Rabe’s gorgeous storytelling and Jennifer Williams’ inventive prose.

Operation Love Story was originally staged by Jennifer herself, and Jessica helped her with producing. Spun Glass Theatre were then able to bring their own artistic vision to the piece and develop it from Jenny’s fantastic performance.


★★★★ “there’s almost nothing not to like about Operation Love Story...well-written and beautifully executed play.”
- Fringe Guru

"heart-warming, heart-breaking and hilarious" 
- A Younger Theatre

"an accomplished piece of story-telling"
- Fringe Review

"Operation Love Story is a beautiful and quirky story with a big heart and a great sense of humour. The stage space is kept bare so the quality of Jennifer’s writing shines through, complemented by Michael Corcoran’s lighting design – a bare bulb hung centre stage around which the story revolves. We’re using the space as a dark canvas on which we can paint with light to show the narrator’s emotional journey and flights of fancy." - London Theatre 1

Operation Love Story Actor
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