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Sling support drop-ins

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Hosted by @littleonesnug - sling consultancy

Discover the world of Babywearing via LittleOneSnug.

Come find Emma from Little One Snug at our weekly Art, Craft and Play sessions! 


  • Emma will be available to offer free babywearing advice

  • Pay-what-you-can for carrier troubleshooting and fit checks, try on and demo of popular slings, front and hip carries also covered. (Suggested donation £5 per carrier).

  • If you'd like Emma to bring something specific along (as she will be rotating what she brings along to each session) check out her catalogue here and message her in advance via her website or instagram

  • Sling hiring options to test before buying from £7 per week.*

Support is first come first serve - pop Emma a message in advance of coming so she can plan ahead, group people if needed / split her time accordingly! Or email me:

To hire a carrier there will be a form to sign, plus a hiring fee of £7 per week, which works out at just £1 a day! Two weeks hire max, one carrier at any time. There will also be a refundable deposit amount required depending on the sling type (refunded on return of sling - £15 for a stretchy wrap or meh dai, £20 for ring Slings and £30 for a buckle or Woven).

Like the support you've received? If you send a donation (buy me a coffee) as thanks! while you are there and come to another drop-in free of charge for a free follow-up support!

A little bit about little one Snug:
When learning to use Slings with her own little one and realising there wasn't anywhere to go locally for support, Emma decided to bring to other parents what she didn't have. After recently enrolling on a Slingababy Sling Consultant course the chance of offering such a service became a reality!

Visit for more information.

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