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huge thanks goes to all the organisations, funders, local families, and supporters who donated to our Crowdfunder. With your help, we were able to make Mini Playhouse a reality for Hastings!

these superhero donators kindly supported our crowdfunder:
Abigail Rocchi, Aisha Ali, Ali Lane, Alice Williams, Anne-Marie WIlliams, Bridgit Turnbull, Catherine Hills, Charlotte Thomas, Christina Poulton, David Sheppeard, Devra Booth, East Sussex County Council Community Wellbeing Fund, Emma Wilson, Emily Glastonbury, Ezme Gaze, Faye Moorhouse, Filskit Theatre, Gaynor Wilson, Hannah Russell, Hannah Smith, Helena Taylor, Heather Bandenburg, James Grieve, Jeryl Whitelock, Jessica Cheetham, Joanna Body, John Wilson, Jolie Booth, Josephine Thorpe, Justin Treadwell, Keith Cheetham, Kelly Edwards-Good, Kevin Davidson, Laura Aiton, Lauren Smith, Lizzie Franks, Lucie Maitland, Lucy Danser, Lucy Sangster, Lucy Stone, Marie Rabe, Marina Norris, Maylis Ruhla, Miia Forbes, Mill Goble, Natalie McMonagle, Natasha Iles, Nigel Waters, Nikki Disney, Playwell Productions, Rebecca Fifield, Rebecca Loudon, Richard Maitland, Robert Connell, Ross Mcpheat, Ruth Jaume, Sarah Johnson, Simon Magnus, Siobhan Rae, Susan Wilson, Tessa Bide, Tom Hodgson, Vaishali Saran, and Zoe Bouras.
Children on their mums backs at Seconds Baby Group Hastings
Child with toy horse at Seconds, parent and baby groupBrighton
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toy donation

We believe that ALL toys deserve a second chance. Even second-hand toys should have a home where they can be looked after, played with, and loved by children for years to come. 

If your children have outgrown their toys, don't throw them away or leave them in storage. Bring them to Mini Playhouse! We're working hard to give second-hand toys a new future filled with exciting possibilities, and together we can help give them a fresh start in life. 

Children having fun at Mini Playhouse, Hastings


Mini Playhouse – Hastings



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