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The Littlest Christmas Elf

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Hosted by Bigfoot Arts Education South


Pip isn’t like the other elves. She is small and slow, with a huge imagination and even bigger dreams. Still, she wishes she wasn’t so different!


It’s not her fault that she can’t wrap presents as quick as the others, or sew the teddy bears eyes on straight, but she would love nothing more than for Santa to deliver a toy that she has made this Christmas Eve.


Perhaps you could help? Join us in Santa’s colourful workshop! You’ll meet an elf or two, hear stories and be invited to dance along as the magic of Christmas is brought to life through charming puppetry and interactive drama.

By the team from Bigfoot Arts Education South, who have been bringing this lovely performance to EYFS pupils in schools across Sussex, Hampshire and Brighton and Hove. 

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times & tickets

Saturday 16th December


Saturday 16th December

Saturday 16th December

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plenty of parking nearby

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space for buggies


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