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Betwixtmass is Spun Glass Theatre's Christmas Universe of theatre productions, immersive audio adventures, digital stories and more. Created for the inaugural production at the Mini Playhouse, Hastings launching a lifetime of live performance and workshop experiences for local families, the Christmas universe is Spun Glass Theatre's flagship showcase of their distinctive style, creativity and flair for exciting family productions. 

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A festive labyrinth of theatrical interconnecting tales, fusing puppetry, immersive binaural sound design and stories for all ages, inspired by Jim Henson 80’s adventure tales. 


Tales of Betwixtmass is a delightful theatre experience that puts children and families at the heart of storytelling as co-creators of a theatrical, imaginative world. A magical Christmas treat for children and adults alike. Presents for ages 0-12 years are included in the ticket price. 


Join us on an adventure through the gardens and woodland of Standen House; Christmas elves, faeries and critters have taken up residence in the trees, whizzing past your ears. Magical splosions are afoot as we search for Father Christmas. 

Image credit: National Trust Images / Laurence Perry

Tales of Betwixtmass
November 25 - December 22
Standen House

This performance is about opening doors into the magical Christmas universe, telling festive tales in a plume of colour as The Christmas Spirits gather to save Christmas. We are planning a return for The Christmas Spirits for schools, libraries and theatres this Christmas 2023 so watch this space for more announcements!


Performers: Harry Gandy, Susannah Austin, and Grace Hussey-Burd

Director: Ross Drury

The Christmas Spirits

A magical Christmas show for 0-5 yrs in Hastings! Meet the three Christmas Spirits, Love ’N’ Magic, Professor of North Pole History, and Christmassy, who help teach us the real meaning of the festive period. Audiences help to choose which Christmas stories our actors perform, so no two shows are the same! Our production tells many Christmas stories through the eyes of the three Christmas Spirits and is suitable for all the family, but especially toddlers, young children and babies.

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