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This Noisy Isle

Brighton Fringe
August 2021

This Noisy Isle invited families to join our cast for a mission which led them through puzzles, meeting mysterious characters and steering them through the choppy seas to search for a new home. A treasure-hunt show that gave families an adventure through a strange, magical new world. Based on the characters of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, with a strong focus on imagination and creativity.

Written by Mark Haywood

Directed by Ross Drury


Based on an original idea

by Simon Magnus

Director: Jessica Cheetham

"An entertaining series of monologues, games and stories that introduce characters and themes from The Tempest." – Mark Fisher, The Guardian

This Noisy Isle performance
This Noisy Isle poster 1

You’ve washed up on a new shore…

Can you navigate through this world where nothing is quite what it seems? The inhabitants of this island make strange noises and sprites hide around every corner. Where do you belong?

Discover your own magical powers in this truly interactive family experience. Join us for a mission which will lead you through puzzles, meeting mysterious characters and steering your team through the choppy seas to search for your new home.


"Although it is based around the themes and characters of one of Shakespeare’s best-known works, This Noisy Isle requires no knowledge of the original text to fully appreciate the performance. In doing so, it creates a friendly and approachable setting in which to pique the interest of a younger audience and inspire interaction with a much-loved classical text.” - A Younger Theatre

This Noisy Isle poster 3
This Noisy Isle poster2

This is a brilliant, immersive, moving, almost promenade theatrical experience which impacts everyone involved, children and adults alike.“ – Broadway Baby

Originally performed in 2019 as a live immersive treasure hunt for children, the show has been adapted for lockdown audiences with an accompanying activity pack to keep children engaged and inspired as the characters lead them through their journey on the island.

Each character helps audiences participate with them in an activity to understand more about the island and to continue our journey onward. These activities involve using imagination, call and response, building, dressing up, and creativity. 

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