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Brighton Fringe, WRAP Cafe

Spun Glass Theatre transform WRAP into a wonderful and immersive theatrical playground, launching Brighton’s first Kid’s Cabaret Club for the 2022 Fringe!


WRAP UP! will harness the energy of a classic cabaret, in a space that will be entertaining and familiar for children and their families. A cabaret of fairy tales, that will satirise, deconstruct and poke fun at this world.

Come and join PINK (Master of ceremonies and a Magic Fairy!)…and assistant for a show that will be full of laughter, cabaret performance skills and sing-a-longs.

The audience are invited to the cabaret because they want to make magic, to tell them the truth about fairy tales and because audience laughter and applause makes Pink more powerful – the MASTER of all master of ceremonies. PINK will open the show by conjuring a spell that transports everyone and the theatre back in time to Paris in 1899.

You will see a cannon of cabaret performance that is plucked from a fairy tale world. A telling of red riding hood in the style of David Attenborough, a Cinderella song, a Hansel and Gretel, syncing Rock Opera, a Beauty and the Beast shadow play told by real shadows - and a witch dance!

Commissioned exclusively for WRAP, Wrap Up! introduces children to cabaret performance skills and puts them at the heart of the experience - perfect for any budding performers.

The show will entertain and illuminate a child audience, speaking to their world – and might just make their grown up feel childlike and play along!

Kid's Cabaret Club

Wrap Up - Kids Cabaret Club Actor
Wrap Up - Kids Cabaret Club Actor
Wrap Up - Kids Cabaret Club Actor
Wrap Up - Kids Cabaret Club Actor
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