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First Workshops

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Hosted by the award-winning Spun Glass Theatre.


Creative workshops for parents and babies 0-18 months! Enjoy fun, supportive, artistic sessions every week.

£40 for the block

Free spaces available for single parents, those under 25 and those on Universal Credit.

Connection, art, creativity, music, storytelling, friendships and fun are at the heart of our popular First Workshops. Explore a variety of different creative activities together every week, including song-singing, music, movement, sensory play, and much more.

Run by our highly experienced artists, our focus is to introduce art and culture to your baby's early years and help them learn about the world around them in a magical way.

Throughout the term, we will work on various artistic projects together as a group, with an exciting schedule planned over a block of weekly workshops. Our workshop leaders will introduce you and your baby to new activities every week, helping you to discover new experiences together.

Welcoming a new baby into your family can be challenging, but there's no need to feel like you're going through it alone - having a supportive group around you can make all the difference when you are a new parent or carer. We create a welcoming, inclusive space where you can choose to be open about the challenges you experience with a new baby. Relax, recharge, connect with your baby, and make new friends.

Do you or your baby have any additional needs? We can have an open discussion about how we can best support you and adapt our sessions to make sure you feel included and comfortable - just let us know in advance, and we can arrange a call.


what our parents think

“Fun, therapeutic, welcoming, just wonderful”

“I absolutely love it! I feel like I’m stimulating my creative brain and having fun with my baby at the same time. Also, no matter how I come in I always leave more relaxed.”

“The highlight of my maternity leave, such a supportive, positive group!”

“So lovely to go to a baby group which is truly unique and entertaining….the artists have all been amazing and I leave feeling uplifted and positive.”


important info

  • Sessions last 1hr 30 mins - refreshments are provided.

  • This is a course of workshops - book your space and attend every week for the whole term.

  • Free spaces available for single parents, those under 25 and those on Universal Credit.

  • Did you know we have a dedicated WhatsApp chat for each group? If you attend our classes and are yet to be added, let us know so we can make sure you're part of the gang!


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Wednesdays term-time

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